Plumbing Services

Rooted offers a broad spectrum of plumbing services including troubleshooting, installation, repair and replacement of:

We provide complimentary estimates to meet your plumbing needs.

For larger projects, a Rooted technician will come to your home to assess the situation with you. Then we will apply our plumbing skills and expertise to recommend the best and most effective solution to the problem. 

Tips from the Rooted Pros

Clear snow from plumbing vents on roof

After a heavy snowfall the plumbing vents on the roof of your house can become totally blocked, causing a sewer smell throughout your house. If you’re unsure how to properly clean these vents, give us a call and we’d be happy to help. ROOTED in the Battlefords!

Don't pour grease down the drain

Grease will eventually cool and solidify, causing a blockage in your pipes and other plumbing problems.