Renovation Services

Out with the old and in with the new! Our technicians love this part because no situation is ever the same! Reno projects are unique to the individual style and needs. Creativity is key. Our technicians will make a plan with you before any work is started so there are no surprises. With knowledge of current appliances on the market and an eye for different home styles, we will also be able to offer many suggestions in what would look great and be most functional for your specific project.

Our renovation services include:

Or… make the old new again! Sometimes you just have to keep that old clawfoot tub or industrial style sink with all the plumbing exposed, but need the pipes changed and some custom work done in order for it to function properly for many more years.

If the old appliances need structural or cosmetic repair, we know who to call for those jobs too. Don’t wait to have the dream house you’ve been waiting for – call Rooted now for a fee quote!

Tips from the Rooted Pros

Call Before You Start

Call first before starting any demolition to make sure the project will comply with local plumbing codes. Rooted Plumbing & Heating will gladly help!

Know the Costs

Reno projects can become costly. It would be best to get a quote prior to starting to see if you’d prefer to finance, rather than pay the full amount upfront. Rooted Plumbing & Heating offers financing for all plumbing renovations. We’d love to hear from you!